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Looking for Captain Astounding's MOUSETRIAL? Click here!'s a nightclub!

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Captain Astounding's is probably the most famous nightclub in Fulchester. We are renowned for our outrageous parties, concerts, and special shows. We've got a large main dance floor and a superb restaurant. Or why not try our intimate dive bar or the sumptuous sophisticates' lounge?

...but it is also a series of books!

The books are about Mathematics, Science and technology and they're all set in the nightclub. Far from being text books, they concentrate on the real meaning of the concepts and on their practical uses. Students of all kinds will enjoy them, especially mature students brushing up on long forgotten school topics or those venturing into the more numerate subjects such as information technology. You can buy the books right here in our online shop.

NEW! -improved binding!

...and also a free collection of cool maths stuff!

Please have a browse through our Maths Topics section where you'll find a lot of astounding facts about how mathematics gets used in real life applications. It's worth re-visting this section if you haven't been here for a while because new sections get added from time to time. If you've got a good idea for a Maths Topics article of if you've got a fiendish mathematical problem that you'd like explained then why not drop me a line at

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